An OER on the ethics and legality of working with digital data in research.


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An evolving document outlining my approach to correspondence and social media

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OER toolkit (bookdown) to help university staff implement work integrated learning in their courses


Updated 2020-03-26 14:57:24 +00:00

A brief OER lab/course intended to give Undergraduates a basic orientation to geospatial data using the carto platform


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Hugo code for the blog at

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A brief toolkit outlining best practices for scholars & activists who want to run wholly-digital or digitally-enhanced conferences and workshops.


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R script for reproducible parsing of email data from religious environmental groups

Updated 2020-03-26 15:01:47 +00:00

reveal.js presentation to colleagues at UOB on work integrated learning

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impress.js presentation given to Development Trust Assoc. on community anchors

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remark.js presentation for DH Forum at UOB

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Files relating to a presentation on 25 Feb 2019 for a group of UK religious and NGO leaders on "Mobilising the Churches Around the Environment"

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Presentation for BASR 2018 in Belfast

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Preentation for academics at Cambridge University on the Energy@Cambridge Good Energy Project

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Presentation with underpinning data science on community environmental groups in Scotland

Updated 2020-03-26 15:19:53 +00:00

Examination (using R) of Development Trusts in Scotland

Updated 2020-03-26 15:21:07 +00:00

Wordcloud generated using R based on data scrapes from Scottish Gvt. Climate Challenge Fund applications

Updated 2020-03-26 15:31:16 +00:00

Working draft for a paper on Community Sustainability and Faith Groups in Scotland, using SNA to categorise group interactions

Updated 2020-03-26 15:34:26 +00:00

Text for a page where I set out some parameters which will enable me to write good reference letters on behalf of students

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