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This is the code for my website at I've borrowed structure and template from Kieran Healy and Greg Restall. Both of these sites (and mine) use the Kube CSS framework and requires Hugo version 0.15 or higher.

Unlike wordpress, drupal, etc., this website is crafted using a static site generator which has a range of benefits, not least of which being far less susceptible to hacking. I'm using Hugo, which is known to have a speed advantage over some of the other popular options and is written by Steve Francia.

Anyone can use this site as a template to make their own, just clone (or fork) this one, clean out the files in content/blog, content/news, content/presentations, content/publications, content/resources, and content/teaching and then alter specific mentions of my name or site URL in files located in layouts/*. You should also adjust some of the specifics in config.yaml. Then install hugo and it's up to you from there.

One quick note though to prevent future users from frustration. This template uses minified css which is better for many reasons, but this has a few dependencies and must be run before the site will display properly. Mac users should run the following command in a terminal window, assuming you've installed homebrew:

brew install yuicompressor

Then you can use the makefile in the root directory to compile the necessary css which will be deposited as static/css/stylesheet-min.css.