A brief OER lab/course intended to give Undergraduates a basic orientation to geospatial data using the carto platform
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Introduction to Geospatial Visualisation

This repository contains the contents of a short open course designed by Jeremy H. Kidwell at the University of Birmingham. The course is meant to provide a hands-on introduction to visualising geospatial data using the Carto platform. This should be useful for a wide audience, but was originally designed for Undergraduate students with a humanities background. As you will see below, the course is designed around "challenges" which build on one another.

The course here has been compiled with bookdown, and so the live instance of the course is compiled from openly accessible resources located in this repository. If you're interested in doing something similar, there are a number of good options, including: gitbook, mkdocs, readthedocs which technically uses Sphinx or daux.

Directory structure includes:

  • README.md this README file displayed on Github
  • docs a folder containing the compiled book in html, .pdf and epub formats
  • course.bib a bibliography of items used for the course in BibTeX format
  • index.Rmd Contains initialization settings, and preface content
  • 00-Overview.Rmd Introduction and overview to course
  • 01-Session1.Rmd Challenge 1: Find yourself on the map
  • 02-Session2.Rmd Challenge 2: Work with existing data
  • 03-Session3.Rmd Challenge 3: Find some additional data sets
  • 04-Session4.Rmd Challenge 4: Generate a geospatial visualisation

Content here, unless otherwise indicated are copyright by Jeremy H. Kidwell. But please re-use them as they are covered by Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence (CC BY 4.0).

How to produce 'books' from this repository using bookdown

  1. Clone this repository so you have a local directory to work with
  2. You can use make from the command line, which calls the Makefile provided here OR
  3. Working in R Studio, load the bookdown library, and then from within the root directory of this repo, invoke the command bookdown::render_book("index.Rmd", "bookdown::gitbook")